hello ,world! hello my name is eliza i am 11 years old and i am in the sixth grade i hate school my mom thinks i love it but that was a big lie.we have an apple squad at school the people are sycencre,eliza,ashley,malkiyah,jonathan,dylan,tete,joelynn,mathew,dezire,leah,julain and last but not least doriani that squad is bascicallymy family. but i have my 4 best friends at girls clud is kaylee haiey jamecia and jasmine they are my main.i have one husdand and it is harry styles he is so cute like i cant do anything without looking at his beautiful face.

so i go to sleep verry late but sometimes verry early.

i love when i play and listen to music because that is my thing it helps me calm down

i have state test so i will listen to music as much as posidle so it can calm me down for the state test

when it comes to the day for the stae test i have to eat breakfast but i dont eat breakfast at all in the morning i only eat breakfast on the stae test days because my mom tells me that i have to.its so scarry i hate when i wake up in the morning.because sometimes i am not in a good mood i am so not into the morning

i love the night because i love to party

lol i wish that i was able to party
but i like haveing partys with my frinds
its fun if u look down on my page u can see one of my favriote dance videos.
i also want u guys to know a few songs to sing to.! yayd I wanna thank all of the people who are looking at my Wed site make sure to tell all of your friends to look at the link BeLow and subscribe to bratayley and tell them to lok at my Wed site thx� o

I took all of these videos from YouTube. They are really great. Hope you like them.
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